The Dive Label - eco-friendly hip and cool t-shirts and fashion wears from Malaysia

Welcome to The Dive Label - eco-friendly, hip and cool t-shirts and fashion wears from Malaysia

DIVE... the brand designed to give back and change lives.

Our philosophy is different from others. It is to make profits with principles based on environmental responsibility. DIVE is about doing the right thing and pioneering positive change.

Do Something Good Every Day

A call to be environmentally friendly is all around us these days. It seems like everyone's going green. As long as we are apart of Mother Nature, we need to do our part big or small. The steps we can take to slow down climate change will allow all living creatures on planet earth to have a home for generations to come.

Most people are intimidated by the whole eco-consciousness, as they fear it is the first step towards turning into a tree hugger or a hippie. One will be glad to know that you SO don't have to become one to go green. You can still have the glitz and the glam because now there is an array of healthy, eco-friendly choices being offered.

By simplifying everything that was once very alien to us, this green movement will one day in the near future turn into a typical way of life. When that happens and somebody asks how this came about, we hope that somehow somewhere along the line, the name DIVE will be associated to the birth of this new era. Even if it's only for the minuscule-est of right reasons, we'll take it.

It's a simple pledge. DIVE will strive to make everything that has its name on it as eco-friendly, safe, sustainable and as responsibly manufactured as possible. There isn't a perfect solution but we choose to do our bit by giving a little support. The future is an important investment. We can be on our way to being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Now is the time... Let's get started!
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