When I was overweight, I didn’t like to take photographs with friends. My fleshy body made me feel uncomfortable.

My family members recommended me to Dorra Slimming, which is from France. It is the first lower body slimming expert in Malaysia that solves tummy, hip and thigh problems.

The unique dorra Formula has fat burning effects that last up to 12 full hours. Besides that, it also helps to clear the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite and firms the skin. I am grateful that I have a dedicated consultant who constantly guides me and monitors my diet. I am touched by her care!

my weight has gone down from 80kg to 64kg and my size has reduced from XL to S size! My slender body makes me feel more confident in front of the camera. If I can slim down, I believe you can too!

My size has reduced from L to S in 3 months!

I lost 15.2kg successfully!


  • Genetic
    • Obese since childhood and adolescent years, with huge appetite.
  • Post-natal
    • Bloated body parts, often on the tummy, hip and thigh areas. The accumulation of fat spoils the appearance.
  • Cellulite
    • The accumulation of water and toxins causes serious water retention problem on the lower body.
  • Middle-aged
    • Exhaust easily and may experience body pain, joint pain, palpitation and unable to concentrate.
  • Nutrition-caused
    • Has a huge appetite, likes sweet and fried food. Pudgy, saggy appearance with huge waistline & thunder thighs.
  • Stubborn Fat
    • Stout and pudgy legs that lead to leg cramps, eczema and varicose veins.

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