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Based in Malaysia, editor.my provides editorial and design services to business, finance and other professional writers. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs produce books on financial planning, investing, personal development, management and other aspects of the professional life.

Our experience in the Malaysian publishing and media industry enables us to provide quality editing, typesetting, proofreading and designs for our clients. We also advise our clients on effective ways to distribute and market their books.

Our latest projects

MBA Edge

MBA Edge 2 3 4 5 6 7 MBA Edge provides undergraduates, executives, managers and aspiring managers a guide to becoming outstanding leaders through acquiring a Master of Business Administration degree.

It has a multifaceted approach in helping business practitioners appreciate the complexity of the business world and what the MBA degree can offer in terms of value-added knowledge to understand and enhance the competitive edge of today’s organizations. At the same time it attempts to cover all the various aspects of the MBA degree from the perspective of a non-MBA reader of the book in order to anticipate all the questions they have in mind about the degree so that the reader will be able to absorb and benefit more when they finally decide to embark on the enriching journey of acquiring the esteemed MBA degree.

Refinancing Now

Refinancing Now 2 3 4 5 6 Refinancing Now is about ideas that will save you money on your properties. This book will help you understand your current home loan and consider a new financial package for its advantages.

This is also a lifestyle cum property investment book that contains simple calculations to compare different types of loans and help you make sure you have the loan that best suits you. This is what every homeowner should know about their home loans before meeting their bankers or mortgage brokers.

Our services

Our services are available for all kinds of manuscripts.


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