Meet Our Team.

“Livingwell specialists share the same creed of improving life by providing people-based dental care that is built on a unique balance of gentle care and excellence in technology.”
- Datuk Dr. Sean Paul Founder, Livingwell Dentistry


Datuk Dr. Sean Paul

Dr. Sean Paul was educated in England and the United States, spending the past 15 years specialising in neuro muscular dentistry and total oral rehabilitation. His typical types of procedures include:

  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Reconstructive surgery

As Livingwell Dentistry’s founding dentist, he built the company on 4 core principles: HI QUALITY, HI PRECISION, HI EXPERTISE and HI COMPASSION. None of these principles can exist independently of the others, which is why we are the cutting edge in the dental service industry. His vision is to see each person visit the dentist as easily as going to the hair salons. We are in the health and beauty industry, not in the dental industry.

“My strategy is to elevate the work of dentists in changing the lives of ordinary people in order to inspire the needs of most, then make the treatments affordable and accessible to many” - Quote Dr. Sean Paul

His key in staying ahead of the industry is by balancing the most modern equipment and treatment techniques with a human touch that seals in trust.

His advice to aspiring dentists? “ Be very diligent in sharpening your skills and chair side manners for great results come from not just your skills but in knowing what works for your patients.”