PJ TRADE CENTRE Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya


A Malaysia Paradigm

PJ Trade Centre is designed as comfortable and healthy workplaces, with plenty of natural light and cross-ventilation. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly design features lead to lower maintenance costs, but more importantly, has the potential to enhance productivity - lower absenteeism, improved staff morale, higher quality of work.

There is a feeling of being close to nature, with a lushly landscaped Plaza of 2.5 acres and 12 Sky Terraces with hanging vines and wall creepers. Many office units have balconies of about 325 square feet and open-to-sky washrooms.

PJ Trade Centre reflects a 'boutique' property - there are only 1 to 4 units per floor with a minimum size of 2,100 square feet. Each unit has its own pantry and washroom and higher than normal ceilings of 3.8 metres.